Changing Your Viewpoint on Life and Yoga


When someone asks you about yourself, what do you choose to tell? I once did this exercise (of telling my story to a small group) at an Art of Living retreat. One member proceed to give the locations, streets and addresses of all the places they had ever lived…. period. I did not fare much better in the snooze factor as I focused on a couple of sad events and some boring chronology of education. Several days and many meditations later, we were asked to respond to the same question but we were asked us to tell it as if we were telling an interesting story. Instead of focusing on the death of my mother when I was 14, my total perspective reframed and I ended up telling a series of short, funny but pivotal stories that lead me to where I am today. This second story was much more interesting (for me and my fellow group members), and I’d have to say this new story was more relevant. What would come to mind if you were asked to tell your story?

I love the program “Who do you think you are?” It tracks down an individuals ancestors and often results in some very shocking revelations. These revelations can even reframe the way the seeker feels bout their own journey.

What changed when I told the story a different way? My perspective changed. This is also true in yoga practice. Have you noticed that you can do the same practice but with a different result? Why is that? What is the mind’s role in this? What actually changes?