Sleeping Without Drugs

Walk away with a game plan to achieve a more restorative night’s sleep. Did you know that your ability to sleep is directly related to your daytime/evening habits? Have you ever thought about how your diet is impacting your sleep and what foods you could add (or delete) to promote better sleep at night? Be guided through breathing, relaxation techniques, and simple yoga that can be done in bed. Bring a pillow, a blanket or sweater to cover you, and a yoga mat or blanket to rest on. No worries if you cannot get onto the floor. This workshop will combine sharing, doing and listening.

Date and Time: Saturday, August 11th 10am - noon

Cost: $25 Folsom residents and $32 non-residents. Sign-up through Folsom Parks and Recreation. Space is limited to 18. Call: 916-355-7285 (M-F 9am - 4pm)

Senior and Arts Center — Folsom Parks and Recreation, 48 Natoma, Folsom, CA

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